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We are so excited about the over 500 Chabad communities around the world participating in  ShabbaTTogether on Feb 7-8, Parshas Beshalach. If you have not yet signed up, It’s not too late! Click HERE to join! 

Be a part of this incredible opportunity to bring the Rebbe’s message of unity and the vital need for every Jewish neshama to be reached. This is your opportunity to let your community know that you are committed to inclusion both spiritually and physically. 

You might be wondering: What is ShabbaTTogether anyway?! What am I supposed to do? Why should I get involved?

Hear from Dr. Sarah Kranz-Ciment, PT, DPT, Director, Ruderman Chabad Inclusion Initiative

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Hear from a fellow shliach – Rabbi Kastel, Shliach to Sydney, Australia   – Click on the Photo Below

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See the updated ShabbaTTogether2020 Resource Guide for ideas! 
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So your ShabbaTTogether can be a success, we are providing you with marketing materials!
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Coming Soon

  • Press Release for communities and campus
  • Additional resources

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Get many of these resources delivered to your door for only $50 in the 

ShabbaTTogether Resource Box

Order deadline by January 15th. 

Email to get order instructions. 

In the BOX: 

  • Mental Health Playbook for Communities and Campus
  • Mental Health Program for Campus and Teens
  • Editable/Shareable Mental Health Resource card for students
  • Sermon that connects Torah portion to Inclusion
  • JLI 1 hour class for Adults: The Theory of Inclusion, Human Worth and Dignity
    • 10 Student Handbooks; 1 Teacher’s Manual 
  • JLI Class for Teens: The Thing about Normal
    • 10 Student Handbooks; 1 Teacher’s Manual
  • 20 Sparks of Wisdom: Inclusion in the Teaching of the Jewish Sages
  • “We are Inclusive” Shul Accommodation Sign

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Please let us know if you have any questions or if we can help with ideas for your community. 

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Chabad on Campus, Shluchim Office, Friendship Circle International, Jewish Federation of North America, Yaldei Shluchei Harebbe, JLI, Tzach, Merkos L’Inyonei Chinuch,
JDAIM (Jewish Disability Awareness and Inclusion Month)