Shluchim Inclusion Newsletter


Youth Education Edition 2018

A Message From Your Fellow Shlucha

Dena Shusterman- Chabad Intown, Atlanta, GA

Dear fellow Shluchim,

When I started the Intown Jewish Preschool in 2008 I had five children of my own, including a 16 month old toddling girl with another on the way. Our community was ripe for this next step so it was as good a time as any to start the school. What I was not prepared for was beginning our school with the goal of inclusion. It turned out that was out of my control because a donor funding the school had a child with disabilities. What I have come to learn is that best practices in inclusion are really best practices. Full stop. Everything we know about a good, quality education and developmentally appropriate practices, academically, socially and emotionally, has originated with educators working with children with disabilities. Using these methods with all children, together, is the logical next step.


Teaching to All: Budget-friendly Tips for the Classroom


By Michelle Steinhart 



As educators we enter our schools and classrooms eager to teach our students and see them grow and succeed academically, behaviorally, and socially. We plan and plan to make sure that our lessons are rich in content knowledge and engaging. What engages one student may not work for another. How can we make sure we are meeting the needs of all of our students, and that our classrooms are inclusive? People often think that inclusion automatically means more staff, more equipment, and more money. What steps can we take even without extra money? How can we do everything we want to do without a major financial investment?

These 7 practical teaching tips will make your classroom more inclusive while keeping within your budget.



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  A NEW Hachnasos Orchim Inclusion Story

Coming September, 2018

 We Can Find a Way

By Dina Rosenfeld

Hachai Publishing

Eli, Zev and Leah have a dilemma. Bubby’s 70th birthday is coming up fast and they want to throw a party the whole family can enjoy. But once they start inviting people they learn that their cousins can’t have ice cream because they’re allergic to dairy. Uncle Levi just had leg surgery and uses a wheelchair. And Aunt Rina’s daughter Shaina is uncomfortable with crowds and noise. None of them can come to Bubby’s party.


We Can Find a Way teaches preschool and school age children (ages 4-8) about Hachnasos Orchim–the Jewish value of welcoming all people. This beautifully illustrated story shows how a little brainstorming and just asking people what they need can bring everyone together.

Sponsored by the Ruderman Chabad Inclusion Initiative


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