Jewish Support Resources

**All resources listed below are FREE of charge for services


The Guard Your Eyes Network for Frum Recovery
Assisting those struggling with compulsive use of inappropriate materials and related behaviors. Offering anonymous intervention, provider care referrals, 24 hour support, 12 step groups and more.
Go to for more information

JACS – Jewish Alcoholics, Chemically Dependent Persons and Significant Others Support for Jewish alcoholics and chemically dependent persons and their families. Phone: 212.632.4600 Fax: 212.399.3525 Email:


Adolescent Mental Health – Off the Derech

Avi Fishoff – Twisted Parenting
Torah based practical approach to reaching children in pain when other approaches have failed.


General Jewish Mental Health Service Referrals

Non profit organization offering mental health referrals, education and support to the Jewish community worldwide.
Go to website for phone numbers for specific geographic areas.

Ohel Children’s and Family Services
A multi specialty organization providing mental health services, referrals, general support and education.

Domestic Violence and Abuse
Shalom Task Force
National non profit organization dedicated to helping Jewish individuals and families struggling in troubled or abusive relationships.
Confidential Anonymous Hotline: 718-337-3700 or 888-883-2323